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Benefits of Damp Proofing in Canterbury and Deal Properties

Our team at Bentley Builders have been providing effective damp proofing services in Kent since 1981. As Sovereign approved contractors, we are fully qualified to use the latest techniques and chemical products to protect properties in Canterbury, Deal and the surrounding areas. From carrying out tanking and dry rot treatments to installing damp proofing solutions, all our services meet high standards of workmanship and comply with the latest industry regulations for quality and safety.

If your property is prone to rising damp and rot, contact our professional damp proofing experts for the most effective treatments and damp proofing installations. There are many benefits to damp proofing your home or business, as you’ll see in this blog post.

Top 5 Damp Proofing Benefits


1. Health

Investing in quality damp proofing helps to handle and prevent health issues that can arise from having damp in your Canterbury or Deal property. Damp is a serious cause for concern when it comes to our health, as it causes mould to accumulate and high humidity. This can result in respiratory issues, especially for anyone with asthma, or allergic reactions due to mould spores in the atmosphere and moisture in the air.


2. Appearance

The growth of mould and mildew caused by damp will greatly affect the appearance of your property. Not only does it create an unappealing environment to live or work in, but you won’t be able to decorate over areas where there is damp. On top of this, customers will be put off when entering a commercial property and buyers will be put off if you are trying to sell your home.


3. Smell

If damp is left untreated, it results in mould that can spread throughout your Canterbury, Deal or other Kent property. This creates an unpleasant smell that can often reach all the way through your home or business. By investing in professional damp proofing, the problem can be alleviated with the proper ventilation, treatment or preventative installations.


4. Value

If you are looking to make cost effective improvements to your property, consider damp proofing. Effective damp proofing will attract buyers and help them feel more confident about the property, especially if damp has been a returning problem. Removing damp will increase the value of your home or commercial property.


5. Structure

Damp can cause serious structural damage if left unchecked, due to dry or wet rot, cracks and even subsidence. Taking immediate or preventative methods with damp proofing will help to protect the structure of your Canterbury or Deal property. At Bentley Builders, we can install effective damp proofing solutions to help prevent structural issues.

For more information about damp proofing call Bentley Builders today on 01304 209 299 or 07802 644 462. We damp proof properties across Canterbury, Deal and the wider Kent area.

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