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Damp Proofing in Dover, Folkestone, Canterbury and Kent

If your property is prone to rising damp and rot, our team at Bentley Builders will undertake effective treatments and install solutions for effective damp proofing at properties in Dover, Folkestone, Deal, Canterbury, Ashford, Margate and Kent.


Our Sovereign approved contractors are fully qualified to handle building and construction chemical products, in addition to fitting damp proofing courses like tanking.


All our services comply with the industry standards of quality and safety.

When Do You Need Damp Proofing?


The integrity of your Dover, Folkestone, Deal, Canterbury, Ashford, Margate or Kent property can be susceptible to dry rot and rising damp, which affects the timber components that make up the floors and walls of your basement. Properties with poor drainage, floors below the height of the water table or areas liable to flooding from excessive rainfall are mostly at risk. Over time, moisture ingress can weaken the foundations of the building and lead to structural collapse, depending on the level of deterioration.


To prevent damp and alleviate any problems associated with rot, such as woodworm infestations, damp proofing methods are implemented by our highly-skilled team. Domestic and commercial clients can be assured that our Sovereign approved contractors, who have been trained to meet the industry leading standards, are experienced in identifying damp-related issues and how to resolve them.

Signs of Damp


There are clear signs of rising damp that Dover, Folkestone, Deal, Canterbury, Ashford, Margate and Kent clients can look out for. Recognising these symptoms will limit long-term damage, which is especially useful at older properties.


  • Wallpaper or paint which is peeling or coming loose from the wall
  • Flooring and walls with stains or discolouration
  • Plaster walls and wooden flooring or skirting boards that appear decayed
  • Mushrooms, moulds and fungi that have sprouted, typically from dry or wet rot
  • Timber foundations with multiple holes due to woodworm habitats
image of damp on ceiling

Woodworm Treatments


Firstly, our team will assess the damage and extent of damp proofing needed, which can involve replacing decayed or infected structural components, like floorboards or beams.


  • Water-based Solutions – A resin or spray will be applied to the affected areas, covering up crevices and holes made by woodworm insects to neutralise them.

  • Fogging or Fumigation Treatments – Woodworm infestations can be eliminated by activating a safe fogging system below the floorboards, to preserve carpets. Fumigations are tailored towards commercial damp proofing to reduce the level of disruption to a professional environment.

Eliminating Dry Rot


We will survey your Dover, Folkestone, Deal, Canterbury, Ashford, Margate or Kent property to ascertain the source of the dry rot and complete the following steps in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Eradicate the Moisture – Our damp proofing contractors will ensure the area is completely dried and free from moisture. Any severely affected components (such as wooden flooring or skirting boards) will be safely removed and disposed.
  • Apply Damp Proofing Treatments – We’ll apply a fungicide resin to chemically remove moulds, fungi and fungal spores, as well as insects like woodworm.
  • Replace Decayed Components – After the damp proofing solution has been dispensed, our team will replace any rotten timber.

Basement Tanking


Internal cavity drain membranes (Type C) are one of the most effective damp proofing installations for tanking your Dover, Folkestone, Deal, Canterbury, Ashford, Margate or Kent property.


Damp proofing membranes extract water ingress in the following way:


  • Guttering channels are placed along the damp areas, usually where the walls and floors join
  • Excess water is collected which travels along the ducts where it is fed to the sump pump
  • Sump pumps jettison the groundwater to the draining system


Alternatively, tanking slurry, which is a powder mixed with water, can be applied to walls and flooring, which acts like a waterproof sealant.

If you need a to arrange damp proofing treatments at your property in Dover, Folkestone, Deal, Canterbury, Ashford or Kent, call 01304 209 299, 07802 644 462 or 07803 642 918.

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