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If left unattended, rising damp can eventually cause serious property damage, destroying wallpaper, plaster and even bricks and masonry. It can also spread to timber, leading to rot and the compromise of a property’s structural integrity. Another reason to beware of damp is that it can lead to the development of black mould – a serious health risk. Bentley Builders, based in Dover and covering nearby areas including Deal and Folkestone, provide a damp proofing service to help protect your home or commercial premises from these issues.

What Causes Damp?

Typically, damp occurs when water is somehow leaking into a building from the outside. This can be due to a number of faults. Some of the most common our damp proofing team encounter in and around Dover, Deal and Folkestone, include:

  • Broken Gutters
  • Damaged Roofs
  • Missing Roof Tiles
  • Leaking Water Pipes
  • Subpar Ventilation
  • Compromised Drainage Systems

Combining damp proofing with remedial work is a great way to effectively tackle both the symptoms and causes of damp. That’s why bringing in a versatile team of builders and property maintenance specialists – such as our own – who can also serve as roofing contractors and replace failed fascias & soffits if required, is such a wise idea. It’ll be cheaper than sourcing multiple contractors, and you have the peace of mind work will be of a consistently high standard.

How Damp Proofing Works

We always begin with a survey where we identify any existing damp and problematic areas which might be at risk. This survey informs us where damp proofing should be positioned to most effectively safeguard your home. The damp proofing process sees us remove wall plaster, and drill into the masonry at the base of the wall. Then, a specially formulated siliconate fluid is injected into it. This quickly cures, creating a barrier that’s totally impervious to rising damp.

Identifying Damp

There are a few common signs that you might need to invest in damp proofing, which we urge Dover, Deal and Folkestone residents to be on the lookout for:

  • Wet Patches & Stains on Walls or Ceilings
  • Plasterboard & Paint is Flaking
  • Flaking on Skirting Boards, Windows & Windowsills
  • Black Mould
  • Abnormally Cold Rooms
  • Musty Smells
  • Moss Growth on External Walls

If you’ve noticed any of the above, it’s important to act fast. Ignore these symptoms and you may end up with penetrating damp, wet / dry rot, or woodworm. This can lead to massive expenditure as structural elements might end up needing to be replaced.

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Learn more about how damp proofing your property can save you a great deal of money on future structural repairs. Contact Dover’s Bentley Builders on 01304 209299 or 01304 205 375.